Temp_Edit – a Program for creating or editing Hauptwerk.Temperament-files

Temp_Edit is a small program i created some years ago to edit temperament files of Hauptwerk. I have written this small program for my own usage, so there is no other documentation for it, either it is heavily tested. No warranty for this program not to scramble up your computer. If you are brave, you could copy the file Temp_Edit.exe to any directory and start it by double click. (Program must be unzipped after transfer)

At the first start, Temp_Edit tries to find the directory, where Hauptwerk saves the temperament-files. If it doesn't find this directory, it asks for help.

By clicking on the Load-File-button, you could load a temperament file for inspection, change it and save it under another name. Temp_Edit does not write over an already existing file – if you want to do that, you have first to delete this file.

In the middle of the page, you see some editable fields describing the parameters of the temperament. The temperament-ID and Supplier ID have to be unique and will be given to you on request by Brett Milan from Milan Digital Audio LLC.

On the right side, you see some editable boxes with numbers representing deviations from equal temperament. Equal temperament will have all figures here to be 0.0. You could also change the base pitch in the upper right corner. This figure will be normally 440.00 Hz.

If you click „Generate File“, the editor will offer a filename to you, which you could change, to save the new temperament.

 Download Temp_Edit

Download Collection of Mean-Tone Temperament-Files

This files have to be copied into the directory, where Hauptwerk keeps its temperament files – normally at Hauptwerk\HauptwerkSampleSetsAndComponents\Temperaments

Questions and comments please to Martin@duemig-neufahrn.de